A Legacy of Expertise & Craftsmanship

Store Fifty-Two is part of the Lux Bond & Green tradition of quality, value and exceptional customer service for jewelry, watches, and gifts. For over 126 years our family, now in our 5th generation, has been dedicated to our community and the industry we love. We're proud to offer a new shopping experience, showcasing exclusive collections of boutique jewelry designers, a wide range of estate jewelry, vintage and pre-owned watches, as well as personal accessories for you and your loved ones. Visit us at 52 LaSalle Road in West Hartford Center for an exciting new shopping experience.

A stylish boutique in West Hartford, Connecticut, specializes in providing customers with a unique and curated shopping experience. The store's modern and minimalist design, combined with its carefully curated collection of merchandise, makes it a popular destination for fashion-forward shoppers. Follow us on Instagram @shop_store52